Education by Example


Would you rather learn from someone who has been down in the trenches and learned the hard way how to do something? Or do you want an academic lecture from some professor who only understands the subject matter in theory, someone who’s never actually done what they’re teaching?

At The Real House Flippers, we lead by example. Every single thing we teach our students, we’ve done before. This means you avoid the mistakes, pitfalls, and drawbacks we experienced. In fact, you have a leg up on everyone else because while you learn how to invest in real estate, you also learn what not to do.

And in real estate, a little error can cost you thousands of dollars.


Real Estate Investment Training & Education

This is a live seminar held in cities around the US. You’ll learn the basics about real estate investing, where to start, and how you can get involved.


Advanced Real Estate Investing

This is a three-day workshop with plenty of details on how to invest in real estate and flip your first property. You’ll also learn other ways to invest in real estate.


Flyout with a Mentor

You get three days one-on-one with a mentor in any city of your choice. With your mentor’s help, you will buy your first real estate investment property.


Online Education Courses

If live workshops and seminars won’t work for you, you can still get the education you need online to start a real estate investment business.


Reality TV Show

Look for The Real House Flippers reality TV show coming soon. You’ll get to see the nitty gritty of what it takes to flip a house—for real, not glamorized.

Don’t wait! Start today and learn how to build a real estate investment portfolio that funds your retirement, replaces your day job, or just provides some extra cash when you need it. Whatever your end goal, we’ll teach you how to get there.

Cut your learning time in half with The Real House Flippers. Everything you’re learning, we’ve already made the mistakes so you don’t have to.

We’re ready to help you learn how real estate can help you reach your dreams.